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Monday, 10 February 2014 15:10

Marketing T-Shirts In The Snow

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It's seven degrees here and it's not normal for our area of the country. There's usually a word war between southerners and northerners which starts out like this: (S) "It's so cold!" (N) "This is nothing, where I come from..." and let the hard feelings ensue. Really, for us, the weather is just a reminder that No one is buying custom screen printed tees. There are exceptions to every rule, by this time of year is slow for printers.
So the question for the industry is; "what do we do?" How do well sell a few more jobs to make it to that tipping point of spring? While it's a good time for maintenance and cleaning, it's a GREAT time for brainstorming and acting outside the box. Now, everyone has heard that it's easier to sell a job to an existing client than to a new one and that 's just what I'm suggesting. However, exactly what I'm suggesting is that we take a new approach. 
Idea copyEvery year, the small businesses come to us when they need their screen printed apparel or we market to them around the time that we know they will need them. What if we flipped the script, what if we sold them custom printed apparel when they didn't need them....in the winter. 
Hear me out. Normally, printers go hard and heavy in the mild and warmer months and then huge drop offs, even lay offs in the cold ones. With thinner work crews, the people still working full time take up the extra responsiblitlies, then back to their normal ones for the busy season. Effectively, leaving no real "extra" time in the winter for all the things that you say that you're going to do when it slows down. What we need is balance throughout the year. So print a little more in the winter and a little less in the summer. Then, slowly implementing growth. How do we do that you ask?
If our business model allows us to offer incentives to customers (which everyone's should), use them in the winter! Target a niche that you normally print for and market to them now, a give them discounts for printing in January and February. Some businesses won't be able to afford it, but some will. Any business that's had longevity knows that it is a marathon and not a sprint. If you can save money now, do it! Because what matters is your calendar year's bottom line. Marketing now, to those clients that will need custom printed t-shirts in a few months will save them money, balance our workload and allow for steady growth. 
Are you thinking outside the box? Share your ideas in the comments below and link to us too! :)

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